ChangeSense Services

01.01.2009 | INVENTION, CREATION, we're not keen on CTRL+C and CTRL+V

ChangeSense Services are extensive, based on four areas. But all solutions have some common ground: a focus on communication, a recognition of people, a searching for the clever fourth alternative, and a facile use of relevant technologies. Our methods are systematic and thorough, and our delivery is results oriented.

1. Planning

Extensive plans and reports to international standards, and is experienced in the following areas:

Organisational Strategy
Annual and 3-5 year Business Planning
Sales and Marketing Research/Strategy
Detailed Market Entry Analysis
Engineering/Technology Roadmapping
Business Process Mapping, Review, Auditing and Analysis
Risk Assessment
Post-M&A Transitioning and Centralisation
Integrated Information Technology
Intellectual Property Strategies

2. Change

Moving from plan to action, ChangeSense boasts the commercial acumen, technology savvy and international business experience that makes change work:

Organisational Restructuring
New Market Entry, Cultural Consulting
Business Development
International Manufacture and Supply Chain (& RoHS)
New Technology Migration
New Product Introduction
New Office / Internationalisation
Accounting Technology Implementation (SAP et al)
Audit-based process reengineering
Internal Training and Education
Partner Outreach, industry introductions and state-based trade facilitation
Recruitment and Staff Review
The option of leveraging ChangeSense’s proprietary Change Management Framework (CMF)

3. Leadership

Tier One firms call on the confidence, focus, clarity and proven systemic methods of RERIGHT to lead them to new heights:

Operations Management
Change Management
Product Management
Launch Management (business process, and creative)
Project Management (including complex technology)
Advanced Contracts, International Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Integrated Management (including ISO, OECD, SA8000, Six Sigma)
Risk, Change, Knowledge, Succession Management
Corporate Governance
Recruitment, Real Estate, Office Space
International Legal Counsel
Comparative Law and Development - Research and Policy

4. Communication

Without communication, all change is void.

Facilitation, Cultural Liaison
Marketing, Media and Communications
International Education Programs
Writing and Creative Services; Graphic, Web, Film, Television, Radio
Advertising, Public Relations, Media Management
Corporate language services: interpreting and translation
Large Event Management
Cultural and Linguistic Briefings
Cross Cultural Training Programs
Executive Coaching